Joyce Barkhouse

Award winning Canadian author of children's books. Born in Nova Scotia in 1913. From an early age, she loved both horses and writing. However, she worked as a teacher for many years before having her first book published in the 1970s. She has written a number of children's novels, mainly in the historical genre. Her most popular book is a pony story called Pit Pony, and tells of the friendship between a boy and a Sable Island pit pony in turn of the century Nova Scotia. It was later adapted into a film and then a very popular TV series. Both the book and the TV series have been highly acclaimed.

Joyce Barkhouse received the Order of Nova Scotia and the Order of Canada for her contribution to children's literature.

WARNING: If you have not yet read
Pit Pony please don't click on the Wikipedia link to the book as it contains massive spoilers! There are also a number of reviews of the book on the internet which contain spoilers so it is advised you steer clear of everything until after you have read it!

Horse & Pony Books:

Reprinted in paperback by Formac in 2010.
Published in the USA by Formac in 2011.
The book won the Ann Connor Brimer Award in 1991.
It was made into both a film and TV series.
SUMMARY: Historical pony story. Set in Nova Scotia, Canada, at the turn of the century. 11 year old Willie loves the Sable Island ponies and longs to be as free as them, but he must go and work in the coal mines. There, however, he finds a friend in Gem the pit pony who helps him endure his time in the mines. But his love for Gem means that Willie must one day make a terrible decisionů.

Collector's Info:
The book is still in print and can be bought new. It is also fairly easy to find second-hand in the UK, USA and Canada.